Dr. Francis Kalu, MEd, PhD

Teaching and Learning Specialist

Dr. Frances Kalu is a faculty member, and Teaching and Learning Specialist at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary in Qatar. She is currently in Qatar on a secondment from the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary, where she holds the position of a tenure-track Educational Development Consultant. As part of her role, Frances consults with faculties, curriculum committees, and review teams on curriculum development and review projects. She also provides evidence-based educational development opportunities for faculty members to build capacity in, teaching and learning, innovations in education, the scholarship of teaching and learning, as well as curriculum.


Recent Publications:

Jeffs, C., Berenson, C., Dyjur, P., Grant, K., Kalu, F., Kenny, N., Mikita, K., Mueller, R., & Nowell, L. (October 2019, In Press). Writing within a microculture: Perspectives, practices, and processes. In N. Simmons & A. Singh (Ed), Critical Collaboration Communities: Academic Writing Partnerships, Groups, and Retreats. Brill: Leiden, Netherlands [Book Chapter]

Kalu, F.U. & Dyjur, P. (2018). Creating a culture of continuous assessment to improve student learning   through curriculum review. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 155, 47 -54. Doi: 10.1002/tl.20302

Kalu, F., Dyjur, P., Berenson, C., Grant, K.A, Jeffs, C., Kenny, N. & Mueller, P. (2018). Seven voices, seven developers, seven one things that guide our practice. To Improve the Academy, 37(1), 111-127. Doi: 10.1002/tia2.20066

Kalu, F.U. (2016). Fiction as research practice: Short stories, novellas, and novels – Leavy Patricia. Alberta Journal of Journal of Educational Research, 62(1), 130 -133.[Book review]

Latremouille, J., Grant, K., Kalu, F.U., Dodsworth, D., Knowlton Cockett, P.L., Mitchell-Pellett, M., & Paul, J. (2015). Reimagining teacher education through design thinking principles: Curriculum in the key of life. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 13(1), 88-112.