Academic Standing

Degree Progress and Time Limits

Academic standing will be reported each term to the sponsor of any students under scholarship and study leave from their sponsor

Time Limit:

  • Thesis-Based Students: must complete all degree requirements within four registration years. Registration is reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Course-Based Students: must complete all degree requirements within six registration years. Course-based students are expected to study full-time at UCQ and will complete all requirements within two registration years.

Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence may be granted for a minimum of one term and up to one year. Proper documentation must be supplied when applicable (i.e. medical leaves)

Acceptable Reasons to request leave of absence

  • Bereavement
  • Care-giving responsibilities
  • Maternity
  • Medical requirements
  • Military service
  • Parental responsibilities
  • Political service


Course availability is limited each semester. Taking a leave of absence will result in prolonging a student’s program and can delay graduation. All leaves of absences must be discussed with the Graduate Program Coordinator and sponsors (if applicable)

Progress Reports

Course-based students are required to complete a progress report with their supervisory at the beginning of each term, beginning with their first term of registration. Thesis-based students are required to complete an annual progress report that is sent through the Student Centre at MyUofC each May. The Graduate Program Coordinator reviews all progress reports.

Graduation Requirements

 A student must complete all program requirements with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to graduate

  • Course-based students are required to complete a final comprehensive examination
  • Thesis-based students are required to complete a thesis and pass a final thesis oral examination. See University Graduate Calendar for more information. 


Minimum Grades Required

An annual cumulative GPA of 3.0, with no grade below B-

Unsatisfactory Academic Standing

A student who displays poor academic standing will be required to withdraw from the program unless the program recommends otherwise and the recommendation is approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Poor Academic Standing is:

  • Grade of C+ or lower in any course
  • Thesis-Based: Achieving a GPA of less than 3.00 within the last 12 months (academic performance is assessed in May)
  • Course-Based: Achieving a GPA of less than 3.00 annually (academic performance is assessed yearly at the time of the student’s registration anniversary).

The program notifies the Dean of Graduate Studies in any instances of poor academic standing.

Repeating a Course

  • At the discretion of the Graduate Programs Committee, a student may be allowed to repeat a failed course
  • If a student is allowed to repeat a course, the second grade will replace the initial grade when calculating GPA for program progression
  • Both the initial grade and the repeated grade will appear on the transcript

Required to Withdraw

The Graduate Programs Committee may recommend to the Faculty of Graduate Studies that a student be required to withdraw for lack of satisfactory progress in either course work or research. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will consult with the graduate program and/or supervisory committee to see if the student will be required to withdraw.

Academic Appeals

There may be times when a student disagrees with the faculty on matters of grading and/or academic disciplinary measures. In these instances, the appeal process is an opportunity to have these decisions reviewed.

Submit appeal to: 

  • Appeal of Final Grade to Appeals Committee at UCQ
  • Appeal of probation, suspension, or expulsion to Faculty of Graduate Studies Appeals Committee

How to appeal:

An appeal must be initiated within 15 days of the receipt of the grade or letter notification of probation, suspension, or expulsion

The appeal must be in writing, addressed to the chairperson of the appropriate committee and state:

  • The decision that is being appealed
  • The grounds for appeal
  • The remedy being sought

For more information about Appeals see the University Calendar