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Making sure our campus is running smoothly.

The Facilities Department oversees the day-to-day maintenance, contracts service management, security and safety of the campus buildings and community. We are also responsible for coordinating safe and hospitable accommodations leased by the University of Calgary in Qatar.

Activities in our department focus on day-to-day maintenance requests, preventive maintenance, renovations and capital projects, campus health, safety and security, emergency management, incident management, promoting health and safety awareness on campus, working closely with enforcements, local agencies and the main campus. Our department works closely with accommodation landlords to ensure smooth On and Off boarding of staff and any day to day accommodation. Typical activities of the department include:

  • Providing timely response to maintenance requests
  • Planning for future maintenance requirements
  • Promoting health and safety awareness through training, committee work and warden network
  • Managing contracted services
  • Support on and off -boarding of staff in accommodations.
  • Facilitating and co-ordinating staff accommodation requests and concerns
  • Supporting other UCQ departments to achieve their goals
  • Promoting student, staff and faculty success by providing a well maintained campus.
  • Provision and management of student lockers
  • Events coordination and support