Expectation of Undergraduate Research Assistants

Undergrad Research Assistants (RAs) usually start by working with a faculty mentor doing some tasks such as data collection, preparing ethics applications, etc. This is a chance to become familiar with different types of research conducted at UCQ. Faculty mentors expect you to be prompt, reliable, and precise in your tasks as well as work well within the research team. Your participation in research is an opportunity to learn higher-level skills, think about important clinical questions that may be researchable, and present the research you are involved in at international and local conferences. For example, the Undergraduate Research Program (UREP) funds travel to international conferences and stipends for students.

 All students are expected to attend the scheduled research meetings. Meetings are designed to keep you informed, engaged, as well as accountable. Organizing your university course schedule, research tasks, and attending meetings will be necessary.


What you can expect from faculty mentors:

  • Faculty mentors will provide you with background and rationale for the study you are doing and the motivation for the research questions.
  • Faculty mentors will assist you in understanding the entire research process, including ethics, data collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.
  • Faculty mentors provide the opportunity to learn higher-level skills if you have the interest/aptitude.
  • Faculty mentors provide prompt feedback on presentations and papers as requested
  • Faculty mentors respond to emails and questions promptly

How to register in Qgrant:

The most common undergraduate research is UREP funded by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). To participate in this program, you need to be involved from the proposal stage and register in Qgrant. Students who are not registered in QGrant will not be invited to participate in the UREP program.

Step 1:

Register to get an ORCID number (a 16 digit number which you will need in step 2)

Click here to register

Step 2:

Register on QGRANTS

(You will need a Qatar ID, a CV in pdf format, and an ORCID number from step 1 to complete registration)


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Undergraduate Research Interest Form:

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