Athletics and Recreation

Female Recreation Facilities and Programs:

  • Fitness Room
  • Zumba Classes
  • Pound Classes
  • Football
  • Valleyball


Male Recreation Facilities and Programs:

  • Fitness Room
  • Strength Building & Fitness Classes
  • Football
  • Volleyball


See What’s Happening? for fitness schedules, information about mixed student activities, and special recreation events including: “Student vs. Staff Competitions” and “UCQ Fitness Challenges”.


Not interested in participating in organized fitness events but still want to be active on campus?    

  • Workout at your own pace in the fitness rooms
  • Get some friends and organize your own basketball, football, or volleyball matches (sports balls are available in the cabinets in the equipment room)

If you have any suggestions or ideas for athletic/recreation activities that you would like to see offered on campus, talk to your NSSQ representatives or the Recreation Officer in Student Services.