Safety and Security

The UCQ Occupational Health and Safety Policy has identified that all individuals in the workplace share the responsibility for ensuring a safe working, learning and living environment. All faculty members, employees, students, volunteers, contractors and visitors are required to comply with all University health and safety policies, procedures and rules, as well as all applicable legislation.

With regard to safety measures in laboratories and class rooms, students should refer to the person-in-charge of academic or research activities (hereby known as SUPERVISOR).

  1. Students must take care of their own health and safety as well as that of others
  2. Do not obstruct/hide escape routes (corridors and stairs), emergency equipment, exits and access to fire-fighting equipment (hydrants, extinguishers, etc.)
  3. Do not tamper with, activate/deactivate, damage, remove and inappropriately use emergency and safety equipment and control devices
  4. Observe warning, prohibition and obligation signs posted all over the campus
  5. Regularly consult the safety information through your supervisor or as published on the University’s Health & Safety webpage.
  6. Follow the safety rules and emergency evacuation procedures and directions

In laboratories:

  1. Do not enter specific risk laboratories without authorization from the person-in-charge
  2. Follow the regulations in each laboratory and obey the instructions of the supervisor to protect yourself and others
  3. Correctly use work tools, equipment and individual protection devices that are available
  4. Immediately inform the supervisor of any hazards, risk and dangerous situations

In the event of an emergency (for police, fire or ambulance): call 9-9-9, provide your location address as:
University of Calgary Al Rayyan Campus, Al-Furuosiya Street Opposite Horse Race track Beside Rayyan Health and Emergency Centre.

For any safety and security concern contact campus security at: 4406 5269

When making an emergency telephone call, clearly indicate:

  • Your full name and, if possible, the telephone number from which you are making the call
  • Location of the emergency (address, story, room, unit number, etc.)
  • Nature of the emergency (fire, medical, explosion, gas leak, etc.)
  • Any injuries that require urgent medical attention. (Do not hang up until the receiver has confirmed the message and/or repeated the incident location).

If you detect smell of smoke, the presence of flames, etc., move away from the concerned area and pull the fire alarm in order to alert internal and/or external emergency teams, evacuate the building through nearest exit and report to assembly point. (In case of serious and immediate danger, leave the building without waiting for the emergency alarm).

Ensure your current mobile number is registered with Student Services so in the event of an emergency or incident on campus that may have impact on your safety and security, they can contact with you or provide any updates.

Evacuate immediately through your nearest exit and proceed to assembly point A or B or as directed by your supervisor, campus security or the wardens

Assembly Points (A&B) on campus identified with signs

  • A on west side wall
  • B on east side fence wall

When the emergency alarm sounds:

  • Remain calm and stop all activities immediately.
  • Leave the room, notify others who might not have heard, or be familiar with, the alarm or evacuation order; offer help to the disabled or others in need of help evacuating
  • Close the doors and windows behind you. Do not use elevators
  • Follow the nearest escape route or as directed by your supervisor or campus security
  • Walk swiftly, but don’t run
  • Follow instructions from, campus security or evacuation warden to go to the indicated Assembly Point A or B and stay there until the alarm stops. At assembly point-stay with your supervisor
  • Don’t re-enter the building until given an “all clear” signal by appropriate personnel – Campus Security or Civil Defence.
  • Listen carefully for any instructions from Campus Security or Civil Defence personnel

Please remember “C-A-R-E” Procedures: If you discover a fire or smoke condition:

  • Contain the fire by closing all doors as you leave
  • Activate the nearest fire alarm
  • Report the fire to campus security by calling 4406 5269 or 999 from a safe location
  • Evacuate the building via the nearest exit

In situations when it may be dangerous to be outdoors, the decision to Shelter-In-Place may be given. Such situations may include extreme weather, violent or criminal behavior, or potentially dangerous air quality due to the release of hazardous materials.

When the Shelter-In-Place order is given:

  • Don’t leave the building, until you are informed otherwise by authorized personnel
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Check your email and messages regularly for updates
  • Follow instructions from your supervisor and Campus Security

First aid kits are provided at different locations strategically on campus. Contact with your supervisor to locate your closest one. AEDs are mounted on all floors of buildings, please take a look which is nearest your locations.

All incidents, accidents, any crime, emergency or non-emergency must be reported to campus security immediately in person or by a phone call. They may also be reported confidentially to Student Services or Health and Safety office in Facilities Management.

UCQ has an emergency notification system to contact students and employees in the event of incidents on campus that may have an impact on their safety and security. It enables simultaneous transmission of an automated message using mobile phones, and email.

In case of medical emergencies or injury:

  • If life threatening situation call 999 first and notify the campus security. When calling 999 provide the campus address and exact location of the person require medical attention
  • Remain calm and immediately call the campus security for help. We have trained first aid support on campus, ask from your supervisor for help.
  • If necessary, assist the internal and/or external responders upon their arrival.

All accidents or incidents that may or do result in injury or illness must be reported immediately to the supervisor and campus security. The UCQ requires investigation of all incidents, including “near misses” where there is or was a potential for an injury.

Report all inappropriate behaviors, threats of violence or harassment to campus security and director student services as soon as possible. Collect all relevant information e.g. the description of the person(s) involved, location, time, witnesses, and provide to security and student services.

Please look after your valuables and personal possessions when at the Campus or elsewhere. Do not provide theft opportunity to the opportunists. If you are the victim of a crime on campus, please report this to the Campus Security, Student Services as well as the police. This helps us to ascertain risk areas for students and allows us to advise others. With the assistance of students and staff in being vigilant, the Security will increase its effectiveness.

To protect the properties, safety, health and wellbeing of the University community, as well as to provide adequate parking facilities and security for motor vehicles parked on the campus, the following rules must be observed. Failure to comply may lead the towing of the vehicle at the owner's expense, reporting to police and when warranted, a disciplinary action by the university.

  • Students driving personal vehicles to Campus and parking on site will be issued a non-transferable vehicle passes for the year.
  • Persons seeking a permit must present, at the time of application, a current, valid operator's license and a current, valid vehicle registration.
  • Passes are issued by the Campus Security and can be picked up at the main security desk in the reception. All vehicles parked on campus must display the UCQ issued parking passes.
  • Students are expected to park vehicles safely in parking spots
  • Students who park unlawfully (e.g. in fire lane) or in unsafe manner will be asked to remove their vehicle. Repeat offenders of parking violations will be directed to see the Student Services and safety advisor.
  • The campus hours are from 6:00am to 10:00pm. Vehicles are not allowed to be left overnight in the campus parking lots. Security will not open the gates after hours for vehicle retrieval
  • Parking permit must be removed from vehicles and return to campus security when the student permanently leaving UCQ or no longer used on campus
  • Speed limit: maximum speed limit on the campus is 20 km/ hr.
  • Designated parking: respect the dedicated parking signs i.e. handicapped spaces
  • Vehicle Registration: All vehicles parked on campus must have valid registration and insurance
  • All accidents and incidents (collusion, non-injury, injuries or property damage) must be reported to Campus Security immediately at telephone number 4406 5269
  • Campus Parking Violations will be dealt as per university policies and procedures The University reserves the right to tow or impound any vehicle that is illegally parked or parked in a way that constitutes a serious hazard, impedes vehicle or pedestrian movements, or impairs the operation of emergency equipment. Owners will be required to pay all costs involved in removing and impounding vehicles.
  • The University is not responsible for vandalism or damage to any vehicles while they are parked on campus. Any such damages should be reported to the campus security for assistance in filing the necessary police reports
  • Reserved Parking: Parking in designated handicapped parking space only allowed with an official State handicapped license plate, placard or UCQ issued hangtag
  • Weekend parking is permitted only in the west side parking of the campus
  • When parking on Campus, always remember to roll up your windows and lock your vehicle
  • Students with repeat violation of the parking program may face disciplinary action as outlined in non-academic misconduct policy.
  1. If students are inviting a guest visitor to campus they ensure that visitors MUST sign in at the main Reception Security desk, present a photo ID and receive a visitor badge. The photo ID will be retained by Security until the visitor leaves the building.
  2. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied all time by an adult
  3. Visitors meeting the above requirement are allowed in the building during regular Campus hours which are, Sunday through Thursday
  4. Visitors must be escorted by the host who invited them on Campus
  5. Host person will also ensure that visitor is aware of the site emergency response procedures
  6. Anyone coming to pick up a student or deliver something to a student at any time must wait at front reception for the student to come to the Security desk

No smoking in any enclosed UCQ facility (including, but not limited to, common work areas, auditorium, labs, athletic facilities, classrooms, conference rooms, private offices, learning commons, lounges, hallways, campus living units, cafeteria, stairways, roof tops, patios, and restrooms), or within 30 feet of an entrance, open window, ventilation intake, or similar feature of any enclosed UCQ facilities. Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas.