• Graduate Program Office (GPO) organizes an orientation for students
  • Graduate students will be registered for courses by Student Services
  • GPO will assign graduate students a study area
  • GPO will prepare the list of new students and provide it to all faculty (Name, ID, Institution, Sponsor, E-mail and Mobile contact, Study are #, Defend date)
  • Graduate students are paired with faculty members to provide mentorship and/or to complete a research project (usually in the second semester)
  • GPO sends the name of the supervisor and co-supervisor(if applicable) to FGS to be entered into the PeopleSoft
  • Graduate students are required to meet with their supervisors regularly (once per week, depending on the stage of the process). Students are responsible for providing their supervisors with an agenda (Meeting Agenda template) for the supervisor’s approval prior to each meeting. Students are also responsible for providing their supervisors with minutes (Meeting minutes template) 48 hours after each meeting. The expectation is that supervisors will be prompt in their reply for approval of the minutes, preferably within 48 hours. These minutes will then be e-mailed to the Graduate Program Office to be filed in the students’ files

Checklists and forms that should be signed by student and supervisor and submitted to the GPO by supervisor:

Note: To be eligible for June convocation, a student has to successfully defend and then submit the required forms and the thesis to FGS by April 30th. If she/he doesn’t make that deadline, then we could do him/her a degree completion letter once she/he had submitted all the documentation.

Course-based Oral Comprehensive Exam

8 weeks prior to examination

  • Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC), in collaboration with the Associate Dean of Graduate Program (Faculty of Nursing, UC), chooses an external examiner

6 weeks prior to the examination

  • Supervisor, in collaboration with the student and the GPC,  confirms the Internal and external examiners
  • Students prepare for the final project presentation (comprehensive oral exam)
  • GPO, in collaboration with supervisors, students, and practice/project partners, confirms the exam dates
  • GPO books the exam room in Qatar and coordinates with UC Nursing Graduate Program Office for room booking in Calgary  

4 weeks prior to the examination

  • GPO generates the Notice of Comprehensive Oral Examination document, to be signed by the student, supervisor, and the GPC
  • GPO forwards the exam schedule with all attendees to the IT department in Qatar and the Faculty of Nursing Office in Calgary to arrange video conferencing

3 weeks prior to the examination

  • Students submit the final project documents (manuscript or other scholarly outputs) to the GPO and all examiners
  • GPO e-mails the following exam documents to the student, supervisor, and examiners and receives confirmation of receipt of documents and attendance:
    1. A signed copy of the Notice of comprehensive oral examinatio
    2. Guideline to Examiner for MN Oral Comprehensive Exam

2 weeks prior to the examination

UCQ GPO sends the hard copy of the following exam documents to the neutral chair  of the exam:

2 days prior to the examination

  • Students may also have a PowerPoint presentation for the oral exam. This should be sent to the GPO at least two working days prior to the oral exam

MN Examination

  • MN course-based comprehensive oral examination on the presentation (articulation of the project and response to questions)
  • Exam result will be immediately provided to the student by the neutral chair
  • Each examiner must record an evaluation of pass or fail on the Report of Comprehensive Oral Exam Form, which must be delivered to the GPO by the neutral chair after completion of the exam
  • GPO e-mails the signed copy of the Notice of Completion of Course-based Degree Requirements form and Notice of Comprehensive Oral Examination to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Faculty of Nursing in Calgary
  • Note: The oral exam normally takes place in January. Please confirm the dates with your GPO.


  • Student receives Congratulatory Letter and Notice of Completion of Course-based Degree Requirements from the GPO
  • Student ensures successful completion of all degree requirements and no overdue fees in the student account and completes an Application for Degree through Student Centre via myUofC portal