Student Spaces and Resources

Breastfeeding Room: F29

A private, comfortable, and safe environment in which mothers can feed, express, and store breast milk


Campus Security:  Call 4406-5269   

Located around campus, including all major entrances. Responsible for the security of people on campus and for the protection of university property. Students must respect and follow the direction of security guards, inappropriate behavior will be reported to university officials.


Learning Commons :  F31 and G58A

  • Learning support
  • Math support
  • Peer mentor support
  • Library support
  • Research skills – help selecting appropriate research resources
  • Writing skills – academic writing assistance
  • Study space – quiet individual study areas
  • Group discussion rooms for project collaboration


Clinical Simulation Lab:  F46A

  • Practice clinical skills
  • Development of new clinical skills


Student Counselling:  G23

The student counsellor is available to support students with issues that impact their mental wellbeing. Privacy and confidentiality are ensured. Both academic support (managing time, stress, procrastination, exams, etc…) and personal support (relationships, conflicts, balancing family and work, grief, etc…) are available.


Mindfulness Space:  F30 & Corridor

With a focus on encouraging mindfulness, this space is a quiet sanctuary to take a break from busy university life. You can participate in various mindfulness activities such as:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Chess and Colouring Books
  • Relaxation and quiet reflection

The mindfulness space is open to Students, Faculty and Staff of UCQ.


EAPP Support:  G25

English language assistance.


Finance:  G12

Invoice and payment of fees.


Information Technology (IT):  G38

  • Wireless Internet help
  • Assistance with classroom technology
  • Questions about D2L


Marketing and Communications:  G31

Volunteering for promotional materials and events


Student Services:  G23

  • Academic advising, student advocacy, registration help
  • Program and progression planning
  • Campus life
  • Awards and bursaries


Computer Lab:  G65A

  • You can use the computer lab if there are not currently classes going on in them, there is also a printer available for student use. Laptops are available at Learning Commons for student academic use. These can be used anywhere on the UCQ campus.


D2L Online Resources:  D2L/UCQ Study, Health and Wellness Resources

Find out more about important topics related to stud skills and wellness. Easy 24/7 access to more than 600 resources (videos, articles, Apps, websites, toolkits etc.) At your pace and in all privacy.



At UCQ we have an infirmary (nurse) room in the event a student feels unwell or needs first aid.