Dr. Jessie Johnson

Assistant Professor

Dr. Johnson’s program of research is aligned with her strong clinical background in, acute care, community health and long term care, and supporting the practice of interprofessional education and collaborative models of care and chronic disease management as well as interprofessional collaborative palliative care services. Dr. Johnson's other research interest focus on cultural relevance to teaching and nursing practices. Dr. Johnson is currently working towards setting up a palliative care network in both pediatrics and adult services in Qatar.


Recent Publications:


Johnson, J., White, D., Ngkwakomi, E, Kareem, A, Roshnuddin, J., Mohamadpour, M., Rizikika, N, Ouatta, R, Shahrour, Y., Ali, R. (2018)   A Nursing students’ perspectives on learning math for medication calculations, Nursing Education in Practice (in press)


Al Saif, A., Johnson, J., Munir, S., Ammal, K., Forgrave, D. (2019) The effectiveness of translating journal clubs evidence to practice Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 9(5)87-94 Doi.org/10.5430/jnep.v9nEp87


Johnson, J., Hasnani-Samnani, Z., Acallar Masaba, A., Thornton, L. (2019)The growing landscape of elder care in Qatar Middle East Journal of Nursing 13(1):31-35 Doi:105742/MEJN.2019.93603


Harder, M., Johnson, J., MacDonald, C., Ingstrup, A., Piche, M. (2018) A ‘two-eyed seeing” approach to Indigenizing nursing curriculum International Journal of Healthcare5(1):23-28 Doi10.5430/ijh.v5nip23


Manea, S., Johnson, J., Wolsey, C. (2019) The influence of nurses job satisfaction on adoption of magnet status within hospitals, International Journal of Healthcare 5(1);1-8 Doi:10.5430/ijh.v5n1p1