The University of Calgary in Qatar campus buzzed with excitement as it hosted its awards ceremony on the evening of January 23rd, 2024 at the outdoor setting of the campus.

The evening’s spotlight was on the stellar achievements of seven outstanding students, accompanied by the recognition of 53 students who secured a spot on the Dean's List. 

The event commenced with an address by UCQ Dean, Dr. Janet Rankin, who set the tone for an evening celebrating academic excellence. Joined by Mr. Hassan Kandar, the Director of Student and Enrolment Services, and Faisa Farah, the lead of the award committee, they emphasized the significance of the students' accomplishments. Students were joined by their instructors and families, all of whom were pivotal in the students’ success. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team played a pivotal role in orchestrating the success of the event. Support staff, including Hanan Dorri, Angela Kabii, Norane Osman, and Alma Jauco, ensured every detail was seamlessly executed, making the event a success. 

The Awards Ceremony, a testament to the University of Calgary in Qatar's commitment to academic excellence, fostered community and inspiration. As the curtains closed on this remarkable evening, guests enjoyed dinner with their loved ones. UCQ’s student  reflect the university’s legacy of educational excellence, shaping future world-class nurses that will enrich Qatar’s healthcare force.