Noon Arbab

Noon Arbab - Class of 2018

Nurse - Intensive Care Unit, Hamad Medical Corporation

How are you making an impact as a nurse?

The world today is facing the COVID-19 pandemic which needs proper infection control practice to combat the transmission and spread of the disease. I play a role as an ICU nurse in breaking the chain of infection by adhering to proper donning and doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE). I use my education about infection control to safely protect myself, my patients, my family and other members of my community. I am also actively involved in taking courses and attending simulations to bring about safe and competent person-centered care.


What do you value most about your work as a nurse?

As a Hamad Medical Corporation staff, I am proud of the educational value that I bring to my patients’ lives. I also cherish the compassion that I bring to caring for the sick. Sickness is an unpleasant experience and I truly feel appreciated and valued when someone says: "Thank you, you cared for me". Hamad Medical corporation supports the continuity of my education through specialized courses such as the Critical Course Foundation Program (CCFP). It also allows me to build a great network by attending conferences and connecting with great minds to make a difference to bedside care. The internal simulations I attend bring about mutual understanding to the staff and strengthen their communication. For example, I recently attended a simulation about infection control protocol followed for intubating a patient who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The simulation has helped me understand the guidelines better and improved my adherence to international protocol. This reduced my anxiety level and strengthened the communication with my colleagues in the work place and brought better quality to the care I provide to my patients.


How has your UCQ education taken you to the next level in your career or education as a nurse?

I think that graduating with a bachelor degree from the University of Calgary is such a privilege that I will keep with me forever. I do not consider nursing a task-oriented job only, as it also allows me to make a difference in bringing critical thinking to the bedside. Taking anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacology and leadership courses, has always helped me create a broader understanding of the suffering of the ill. Being in ICU makes me a vital member and gives me confidence in my communication with the multi-disciplinary team that includes doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, and others.