Nahrida Nazir Band - Class of 2015

Nahrida Nazir Band

Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist, Hamad Medical Corporation

How are you making an impact as a nurse?

I work as an Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist (ACNS) at the National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR). I have worked with Hamad Medical Corporation since 2006 in different nursing and administrative roles. I hold an Associate diploma in Nursing (2006-High Institute of Nursing, Qatar), Bachelor degree in Nursing (2010-University of Calgary), Master degree in Advanced Nursing Practice-Oncology (2015-University of Calgary). Currently, I am working as a Breast Surgical Oncology ACNS and running a nurse-led clinic. I am actively involved in many service development activities in order to improve the quality of patient care. I am a core member of the breast Multidisciplinary team and National Clinical Advisory Group-Breast Cancer.


What do you value most about your work as a nurse?

Compassion, trust and accountable care


How has your UCQ education taken you to the next level in your career or education as a nurse?

My University of Calgary in Qatar education has had a huge impact on my career advancement and has provided me a rewarding career. The innovative education techniques and skills they offered, have made me a valuable professional in my workplace.